A Lebanese Member of Parliament Opened His Wedding Celebration to All

We love weddings in Lebanon whether we are invited or not.  We’re always curious to know more and know in details, especially about the love story that brought the couple to that day, and how the wedding was celebrated. Deep inside, we all love romance even if we pretend otherwise. So, when a member of the Lebanese parliament who’s also a leader descendant of a long line of leaders in his town, the wedding becomes of even more interest to the society nationwide. 


That is the case with the recent marriage of MP Tony Frangieh who, on the 28 of September 2019, sealed his union to the lovely Lynn Zeidan in an open-to-all celebration attended by all the town. After all, it is an ancestral tradition in Lebanon for leaders to celebrate their weddings with their communities in their towns, and make that special day a celebration for all.

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MP Tony Frangieh descends from a long line of northern Maronite leaders in Zgharta and Ehden, leaders who were also politicians. Among them, his father, former Minister of Health then of Interior Suleiman Frangieh, and his grand-grandfather former Lebanese President Sleiman Beik Frangieh (1970 -1976), to name a few.


Carrying the tradition, the groom opened his wedding celebration to all, in a festival-like event, recreating the 1962 wedding of his grandparents Tony and Vera Frangieh. 

With a wedding of that caliber, it is no surprise that none other than our top Lebanese designer Elie Saab designs the bridal gown. Indeed, the bride Lynn was simply glorious in her Elie Saab Haute Couture’s gown of floral and silvery strass embellishments. 

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The celebration took place in the original house of the MP’s late grandfather in Ehden where his father was spotted glowing with happiness as his son has now stepped into building a family life and carry on the family name into a new coming generation.

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It is to note that the celebration was abundant in food appropriate for this type of weddings, with multi stations of rotisserie, a massive saj station, and even a pool of falafel pool, to name some. The saying “food to feed a village” would be the most accurate here.


Live music carried the celebration from start to end, and famous Lebanese singers like Melhem Zein and Fares Karam were among the performers. The public danced the dabke on the streets and rejoiced, carrying the groom and the bride on their shoulders amidst the crowd.  Organized by the wedding planner Ziad Raphael Nassar, the event was seen to in all details to the satisfaction of the family and the enjoyment of all.

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Stepping out of the cultural tradition at a certain time in the night, the bride switched her fancy bridal gown to a funky white dress of feathers, also designed by Elie Saab, and discarded her heels away, putting on running shoes. It was kind of cool, all considered. After all, the young bride wanted to enjoy the remaining hours of her special day as comfy as possible. 


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The wedding was indeed one of a kind in its own right, and the joy of the towners was as exhilarating as that of the couple and the family; genuine happiness all around. 

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