A Lebanese Monkey Owned by a Nun Just Infiltrated Israel

As of Tuesday evening, an escaped monkey from Lebanon has achieved the unachievable, sneaking through the high-security border of Israel without being caught and scaring the Israeli residents with his untamed hyperactive pastimes. 


Since his breakout, he has been spotted in four different places, two in Lebanon, and two in northern Israel. The escape-pro originally hails from the “Ship of Peace” farm in the Bint Jbeil village called Qouza.


This farm was founded by French Sister Beatrice Maugerin on Maronite-owned land last year in order to provide a safe place for all people of all faiths, and our cunning friend was a resident there–that is, until he fled to explore the neighboring country!


Our fugitive monkey, which is from an African species, was last spotted near the southern Lebanese village of Ayta Shaab, but there have been various other sightings in northern Israel captured on camera by residents since its jailbreak.

The videos depict the monkey wreaking havoc by swinging off balconies and wandering through agricultural areas near Zar’it and Huriesh in Israel. Go big or go home, right?

Via Haaretz


According to a local Lebanese news outlet, a reward has been offered for the safe return of the monkey to the farm, but no amount has been specified. As of last night, the “Houdini” monkey still remains on the lam. 

What does he want to accomplish? How did he break out? How was he able to cross the highly-militarized border? What is the reward? What’s next on his secret agenda? There are too many questions and absolutely zero answers. 

Via Haaretz


Nonetheless, this perfidious monkey has shocked both countries in the region with his daring bolt for freedom, and the rest will just have to be shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that he is at this moment on the most wanted list of Israel. 


Maybe we could learn a thing or two from his rebellious spirit, though, and have him hailed as a star upon his return. After all, let’s face it, he has become a celebrity, having achieved the unachievable. Godspeed, little dude!

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