A Lebanese Mother Launched an App to Support Working Parents in Lebanon

Congratulations parents, you now have a trusted childcare App in Lebanon to ease it on you, especially if you are a working mother like the businesswoman and former diplomat, Angela Salomon, who co-founded this app and heads it as its CEO.  


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We live an era in which we’re so fortunate to have easy access to so many services, especially in Lebanon. We have apps for food delivery, grocery, clothes’ shopping, dating, and finally now: Babysitting, including kids’ tutoring!

Yes, this app is now helping hardworking Lebanese parents who don’t have an accessible network of support or are reluctant to keep asking their in-laws to watch their kids while they can get a night out for themselves. 


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Jaleesa App that provides trusted childcare is run by CEO Angela Solomon who is no stranger to the pressure of working mothers with tough schedule. As per Berytech, Angela has “worked as a holiday camp animator, language teacher, personal tutor, and kids’ outdoor activity instructor.”

She assumed an important diplomatic career as a British diplomat, working in Middle Eastern strategy and embassies’ staff training across the MENA region to then move into launching her own businesses; three successful ones, in fact, encompassing consultancy and food and beverages.


Angela co-created Jaleesa as a result of her own experience. In an interview with Berytech, she shared the following, “It was a Friday night in 2016 and I was supposed to go out for a girls’ night with one of my best friends. She called me to cancel because her babysitter had let her down; so instead of going out, we had dinner at her place and brainstormed the problem of trusted childcare for parents in Lebanon.”

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A few weeks later, Jaleesa started to materialize when she teamed up with Hassan Bayloun, and a prototype of the platform was created.


In her words to Berytech, “I am inspired by the potential for businesses to have a social impact, and I believe passionately that Jaleesa is a great way to create jobs for women from all backgrounds, as well as helping parents who need our childcare service.”

And so it is that Lebanese parents have now Jaleesa to help them find a qualified and trusted babysitter or nanny for their kids, as per their current need and specifications. They can browse the profiles, schedule and communicate with the sitters, and book online.

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Jaleesa can also be contacted for a more personal matching service and have a sitter at your place within hours. “We vet all our babysitters with a rigorous four-step process including a security check, reference verification, an interview with our team, and a training and assessment day which includes First Aid training and child development,” Jaleesa states on Lebanon Kids Guide’s website. 

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This award-winning app is super user-friendly and it’s useful for different types of support parents might need, like homework help (tutoring), full-time family support, infant care, and more, and the price range appears to be reasonable. 


Interesting as well, people can buy a Jaleesa App’s service as a gift to a family member or a friend, and that comes in the form of a digital voucher.

Working couples in Lebanon who need extra help with their kids or those who can’t afford in-home housekeepers and don’t have family nearby to help can now take advantage of this app that is tailored to everyone’s convenience.

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