A Missing File From An Expats Ballot Box for Beirut I Cancels All Remaining Votes

According to MTV, a missing file from Oldenburg, Northern Germany dedicated to Beirut I votes has been reported.

The polling station in City Club Hotel Oldenburg, Europaplatz, Oldenburg has a missing envelope belonging to Beirut I district.

Ballot box 18, which included this missing envelope, has been entirely disregarded under an official judicial ruling.

It was reported that all expat votes from this box will not be counted.

Editor’s note – May 16th: Soon after the publishing of this news, we received information that the Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, said in a statement that “no voting for Beirut I actually took place from Oldenburg.”

He explained that “the ballot box 18 from Germany has arrived and been transferred from the Lebanese Central Bank to Beirut’s Justice Palace and has been handed over to the Higher Registration Committees to be sorted.”