A Mother And Her Son Were Killed Following Israeli Strike


In a recent Israeli airstrike targeting a house in a border town in South Lebanon, a Lebanese citizen was killed, and three others were injured, necessitating their transfer to hospitals in Tyre on Friday.

Earlier the same day, Lebanese citizen Nasifa Mazarani and her son were killed in an Israeli artillery shelling that hit their home in the border town of Hula, South Lebanon. Mazarani is a former prisoner and a previous injury victim who suffered burns in the July 2006 war.

The Israeli artillery shelling extended to the outskirts of the towns of Hula, Adaisseh, and Wadi Hunayn. Additionally, the Israeli army launched interceptor missiles that exploded in the skies over Qlaiaa, between Yaroun and Tebnine.

After a seven-day ceasefire, the shelling and clashes between Israeli forces and armed Palestinian factions in the northern and southern Gaza Strip resumed Friday morning.

Hezbollah, in five separate statements, declared that its forces targeted the Marj site twice, the Ramya Israeli site, the Ramim Israeli barracks, and Israeli soldiers at the Jal al-Alam site with suitable weapons. In response, Israeli forces shelled several areas in South Lebanon.

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