A National Mourning Across Lebanon for the Revolution Martyr Alaa Abou Fakher

On the 27th day of the nationwide anti-government protests, a second Lebanese protester, Alaa Abou Fakhr, fell martyr to the Revolution, shot in the head and killed allegedly by a member of the Lebanese Army. Like all who took to the streets expressing their reactions over the president’s remarks and comments in a televised interview that same day, Alaa was protesting in Khaldeh along with his family.

One of the most active protesters, Alaa Abou Fakhr (38-year-old) was identified as a local official with the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) and member of the Choueifat municipality. He was shot right in front of his son, wife, and sister after a verbal argument between him and a Lebanese soldier.

In this regard, the Army issued a statement clarifying what happened, adding that an investigation has been opened following the soldier’s arrest: “During the passage of an army vehicle in Khaldeh locality, a group of demonstrators came across the road and clashed with the soldiers, forcing an officer to fire to disperse them, injuring one person. The army command has launched an investigation with the reference of the competent judiciary. ”

Right after the horrific incident, photos and videos of the heartbreaking scene hit social media. They showed Alaa Abo Fakher laying on the floor, his family at his side, while his sister covered her nephew’s eyes to not let him see his dead father covered in blood.

During that night, protesters across Lebanon were distressed and expressed their solidarity with Abou Fakher and his family, each in his own area and all night through. In Khalde, his friends and family lit candles at the crime scene, surrounding his blood with the map of Lebanon.

In Saida, people paid tribute to Abou Fakher by forming a human chain that spelled his name in Arabic along with the phrase: “Alaa is the pride of the revolution” and holding up their flashlights to lit up the written tribute. In Beirut, on the Ring Bridge, protesters lit his name in Arabic in candles with the Lebanese Flag above his name.

Alaa Abou Fakhr’s tragic death bought the Lebanese protesters even closer together, united and stronger than ever. Since today’s early morning, these protesters have been gathering hand in hand across Lebanon, lighting candles and praying for the revolution martyr each in her/his own way as well as paying tribute to him in many touching moves across all Lebanon.

Earlier today, In Tripoli, artist Ghayath Ruby along with other painters painted a mural of Alaa Abu Fakhr and his wife and son on the wall of Al-Ghandour building adjacent to Abdul Hamid Karami Square – Al Nour in Tripoli.

Posters of Abou Fakher were raised in several squares in Lebanon, from Beirut to the North, South, Chouf, Bekaa, and other areas as a salute to his sacrifice. In Jbeil, protesters put an image of Alaa and his family with a slogan saying: “Jbeil is for you.”

While in Tyre, Chevrolet, Nabatieh, Akkar, Nahr el Kalb, Baabda, Martyr’ square, and other areas people have lit candles around the martyr’s photo along with flowers. In Baaklin people formed a human chain as well.

Alaa Abou Fakher was a great patriot, a peaceful protester, an ideal father, and a calm and composed manager at work. One of his previous employees, Omar, spoke about him to The961, saying:

He was my manager when I worked for MEP. He was a great guy, full of compassion and logic. I didn’t know him too well outside work, but I can tell you about him at work, which I’m sure reflects his traits outside of work as well.”

“He was always calm and composed, and very professional,” Omar continued describing him. “He made sure to listen to anyone’s concern and to help them regardless of their backgrounds, and he made a really fair workplace for everyone.”

Omar added, “His door was literally open to anyone, and he’d always receive you with a smile. The guy was great at what he did. Unlike other managers, he worked with his heart and mind, not his ego (which he didn’t have much of).”

Tomorrow Thursday, 14 November, Lebanon is set to bid farewell to its beloved son and martyr Alaa Abou Fakher in a large funeral in his hometown of Choueifat.

Lebanese activists and protesters are spreading the call to close all roads tomorrow and make a national funeral for Alaa Abou Fakher at 6 PM in Martyrs’ square.

Alaa Abou Fakher is the second Martyr who was killed in the ongoing Lebanese revolution after Hussein Al-Attar who was shot in the heart while peacefully protesting and blocking roads on the airport road.

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