A New Cave Was Just Discovered in the Village of Akoura in Lebanon

A new cave was recently discovered in the mountainous village of Akoura in the Jbeil District of Mount Lebanon Governorate, 68 Km north of Beirut. This cave is set to be the highest in Lebanon with an altitude of around 1750 meters.


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“The cave is the deepest among the other caves in Lebanon. It is 4.5 km deep, and is located in Ain al-Lunmeh,” Mr. Firas Hashem, the owner of the land that contains the cave of Aqoura told MTV, pointing out that “the licensed area that visitors can enter is around 200 meters.”

Hashem explained, “What distinguishes this cave from others is the unique geometric models that contain it, without forgetting that it has groundwater, and it is the only cave with a sporting character in the Middle East where people can practice sport hobbies in the cave.”


As per Hashem, this exemplary site will be equipped from the inside by a specialized company in order to preserve it and have it ready to open to the public next year.


“The width of the corridor in the cave is from 2 to 3 meters, and includes two areas: water and dry,” he revealed, calling on tourists to visit the cave as of next year after it is processed, rehabilitated, and officially opened.


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Lebanon is widely known for its richness in caves that are mostly concentrated in the Mount Lebanon region, stretching from north to south in the center of the country, offering a great experience for citizens and tourists alike.

The most popular, and internationally known, cave in Lebanon is the Jeita Grotto, which is considered the jewel of tourism in Lebanon and one of the most marvelous natural wonders in the Middle-East. It was officially nominated as a finalist representing Lebanon and selected as one of the 14 worldwide “natural wonder” landmarks.


Adding to the above, the enormous and impressive Afqa Grotto, which is is a rectangular prism-shaped breach within a 200-meter-high cliffside and is the source of the legendary Adonis River.

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