A New Mega Modern Hospital in Lebanon Will Provide Health Assistance to All

As per the World Population Review (2019), Lebanon is now home to 6.86 million people. Despite the numerous amounts of hospitals operating in the country, the existing health care and assistance haven’t been enough to attend to all. Thus, the construction of an oversized hospital that will provide for the needs of both the physical and mental health patients, including special care services for the seniors.


Via Medrar

Named Medrar Medical Center (MCC), this facility will be Lebanon’s biggest hospital upon completion. It is being built in Nabatiyeh, in the south of Lebanon, and is planned to be also a haven for the elderly of the South who have been relying to-date on the means of medical assistance in Beirut.

In their plans, the social integration side of rehabilitation, as well as the respectful treatment of the elderly and medicinal treatment. Their medical assistance and treatment will be available to all people in Lebanon, whether from the region or neighboring cities, including foreign workers and refugees living in Lebanon.


Via Medrar

This mega project of humanitarian purposes aims at providing affordable health services to anyone in vulnerable situations, regardless of their means. Its program encompasses well-being’s services with the extra amenities being built, such as a swimming pool and sport’s venues.

MMC has been under construction since 2012 and is expected to finish in 2021. It is collaborating with the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), which medical expertise will be implemented and practiced in the center, allowing the citizens of the South first-class medical care at affordable prices.


Via The Daily Star

This new mega health center in Nabatieh is strategically located in the heart of the South,  centering itself in the middle from any part of the South. It is expected that the death rate of vulnerable people will lessen, in that case, due to the fact that their travel route in seeks of health services will be cut in half.



The MCC is being built on a territory of 36,526 m2 and is valued at $75 million dollars. The thoughtfulness allocated to this project is encouraging and hope-infusing.

People with no means of transportation or money will have the blessing to be safely treated by an advanced medical center whose sole purpose is to lessen the sufferings and nurtures the wellbeing of patients.

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