A Stand-in Will Be Held in Front of All Lebanese National Bank Branches

The Popular Observatory Against Corruption –Al Marsad Al Shaabi Li Mouharabat Al Fasad– held an open discussion Sunday afternoon on the eleventh day of the peaceful demonstrations across Lebanon with the aim of educating the Lebanese public on the consequences and outcomes of their biggest demand.


The open discussion under the title “The Effects and Outcomes of the Government’s Resignation” took place in the presence of legal authorities and experts at 2.30 PM in the Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden (Escwa Garden) with the aim of discussing the tangible realities which would result from such a resignation.

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The discussions addressed the legal mechanisms which would make this possible, the question of a “gap” in leadership, as well as the transitional period which would follow in case this resignation were to take place in response to popular demands.


The legal experts at the open discussion also addressed the audience’s questions surrounding the actual legal and constitutional processes related to this resignation, as well as the manner through which resigning officials would face trial and other consequences.

The constitutional mechanisms in place in the Lebanese Constitution, as well as the particular Articles which would ensure this resignation were at the center of talks as the peaceful demonstrations persist across the country in what will now be its twelfth day. 

Via @jasminldiab via Facebook

With protestors not showing any signs of stopping, banks and educational institutions still closed down, as well as a HUMAN CHAIN of over 170,000 people marking day eleven of this revolution, one can only hope that the political class is getting increasingly concerned about the future of this revolution, this country, and its repercussions upon Lebanon and its people.


The Popular Observatory Against Corruption is organizing a stand-in in front of all branches of the Lebanese National Bank at 11 AM on Monday morning (October, 28, 2019) because “the financial decisions the National Bank has made has cost us billions of dollars” and in order “to continue our pressure on the Government to resign.”

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