A United Initiative to Form A Government by the Lebanese People (Video)

Nemr Abou Nassar, a Lebanese-American internationally acclaimed artist, has just launched a call to all the Lebanese nation wherever located to support a unique initiative of his planning: A thorough and live screening of professional candidates voted by the Lebanese public to form the new government.  He calls for all the people to unite with him to make it happen, which he intends to do in January in Beirut.


Two weeks ago, Nemr made an outstanding statement to his fans all over the world, in a Live video, stating “How Incredible It Is to be Lebanese These Days!” He went on exclaiming, “Our time has come! We deserve this victory!”

Nemr has been indeed a passionate enthusiast and supporter of the Lebanese Revolution, releasing numerous videos in support. In his last performance in Houston, he took quite a time to speak about the Lebanese nation and called for a shout out to the Lebanese people and the revolution.  

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Now, praising the Lebanese revolution for accomplishing in 30 days more than anyone thought it was possible, he is calling everybody on social media to take new action with him, a very significant move that might take the revolution to its final stage of accomplishment.

Nemr says that the power of the people stems from their unity. They took back the streets where politicians had the most power. “We are winning, we cannot count on these people to run the country,” he urged. 

Nemr’s initiative is simple yet very bold. He plans to set up a network of the best and brightest Lebanese people from all around the world and from all fields. This network is to identify the new leadership, people that can bring Lebanon back from the ruins and corruption, and lead the country with utmost dedication to the nation’s wellbeing. 


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The process of picking the best and brightest will be conducted through background checks and live-streamed interviews conducted by him and specialized people in respective fields.  

Nemr also stated that he is coming to Lebanon in January for the entire month and he will take care of all the interviews personally as we cannot trust the TV and media in Lebanon as they are biased in one way or another.


He stated, “If you want to serve the people, there should be full transparency.” Thus, the candidates should sign a pledge that they are willing to submit their tax returns.

Everything about the candidates will be posted online, all information related to that candidate will be visible to everyone. This will allow the Lebanese people to choose who they want and vote for them online. 



This is a great opportunity for real professionals to help reconstruct Lebanon and bring it back to glory. Overall, the concept seems bold and maybe presumptuous and audacious, but isn’t what the Lebanese Revolution is all about?

And what if we all try to give it a chance and see where it leads? At this stage, every constructive move towards our goals for the better Lebanon that we want is worth considering seriously. Here is his video message, explaining it all.


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