It’s Been Over A Week And There’s Still No Sign Of Missing Hady Hokayem

NNA | Bechara Malak

Hady Hokayem, 34, was last seen on Wednesday, April 14th. Since then, he has been declared missing and search parties have been working tirelessly to locate him.

Hady went to walk his dog on a regular well-known hiking trail along the Nahr El-Joz river only to never return.

Speaking to The961, Hady’s relative explained new details about the disappearance from an eyewitness who claimed having seen Hady moments before he went missing.

Details from a witness

The witness reported hearing a concerning loud sound, like a cry or a yell, said the family member. The witness followed that sound and said they saw Hady “go into the river” never to be seen again.

According to Hady’s relative, the witness immediately called the authorities for help. But by the time they showed up, the witness had already lost track of Hady.

At the moment, the river is gushing and freezing from the melting snow. It is believed Hady may have been swept away by the strong flow of the river. But a week of searching in and around the river has been futile.

Investigation, evidence, and search

As mentioned in previous articles, there was also a puddle of blood near where Hady went missing. It will take up to 10 days for DNA testing to try to determine whether the blood was Hady’s or not.

The Internal Security Forces have also launched their own investigation into Hady’s disappearance to uncover if there was any foul play. Details of their investigation are confidential at the moment.

However, what might interfere in the investigation is that there had been some tampering with the scene as the witness had first seen it.

Hady’s clothes were laid out near the river but they were later moved. This made the witness consider that maybe Hady emerged from the river and saved himself. But the clothes were put back near the river.

Hady’s relative told us it became later known that a Syrian national found the clothes and carried them with him before returning them back where he found them, heeding the advice of his friends.

Hady’s phone and personal belongings are also missing, and there has been no trace of them during the rigorous searches.

When asked if the family believes someone might have attacked Hady, his relative told us that all options and hypotheses are on the table.

“We have played out every scenario in our heads, even the worst. But the end result is the same: he’s missing. But we need to find him. Whether he is alive or dead, we need to find him to be able to grieve.”

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