12 Oddly Satisfying Pictures of Abandoned Places in Lebanon

Clara Reyes

19-years old Clara Rayes has spent the past year hunting for abandoned places around Lebanon. The second-year student at ESA Business School was able to capture the beauty of old ruins.

“I’m not a pro photographer at all… I just do it for fun and to shed light on these beautiful relics,” she said to The961.

Below are some of the top picks from her Instagram page along with notes by the photographer.

#1 Grand Théâtre de Beyrouth, Downtown

“Remains of a Guichet, or ticket window, in Teatro Beirut.”

#2 Triplets at Grand Théâtre de Beyrouth

“Triplets at Teatro Beirut, overlooking barriers that were installed to block the entrance.”

#3 Stained-Glass Ceiling of the Grand Théâtre de Beyrouth

“An amazing stained-glass ceiling at the centre of the theatre.”

#4 Bechara El-Khoury Palace, Batrakieh

“Built in the 19th century. The first floor of this palace is occupied by a carpenter, while the second floor has only a chair and antique couch left.”

This district in Beirut is called Zuqaq al-Blat (The Cobbled Alley) but is more commonly known as AlBatrakieh due to the presence of the Greek Catholic Patriarchate.

#5 Kfar Matta Silk Mill, Aley

“Built in 1792, the mill is still in good shape, despite being neglected for many years.”

#6 Arcade windows of Kfar Matta Silk Mill, Aley

“In the mill, shattered roof tiles lay in piles all over the place.”

#7 The Iconic Rose House, Manara, Beirut

“The Rose House was built in the 19th century. Its interior is white-coloured contrary to the magenta-coloured facades.”

#8 Inside the Rose House, Manara

“Back in the days, this mansion hosted families and warm gatherings. Today, coldness and loneliness have taken the lead.”

#9 Hotel Royal, Souk el Gharb, Beirut

“Hotel-Royal, built in the 1800s. At the entrance, a florist spreads his plants while he keeps an eye on the edifice.”

#10 Aley Grand Hotel

“Also known as Jbeily Hotel in Aley, the hotel is “still sound after years of abuse and neglect.”

#11 Classrooms in Aley Grand Hotel

“The last corridor of the hotel holds a series of classrooms since the hotel was once used as a school.”

#12 Farid Serhal Palace, Jezzine

A hidden gem, little known to tourists, in Jezzine, south of Lebanon. Serhal poured his dreams, vision, fantasies, and imagination in what was once a colossal undertaking. 

“Don’t leave false illusions behind,” the photographer captioned her photo, yet behind the place was left at the departure of the dreamer who had built it.