Check Out This Abandoned Silk Factory In Kfarmatta, Lebanon


Many years ago, Lebanon was once home to a booming silk factory in Kfarmatta.

However, as modern times took over, one of the oldest and largest silk factories in Lebanon shut down for quite a long time but became a must-visit historical location.

Dating back to 1792, the silk factory in Kfarmatta’s famous spot has been abandoned for decades, but due to its sturdy shape it’s considered safe for entry. However, precaution is always advised!

The silk factory itself was originally built by the Faddoul family, who owns it to-date, and was a successful working factory up until 1954.

Floor plans and architectural renderings from AUB’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Fast forward to 2020, the abandoned silk factory has enticed visitors from all around the world to relish in its historical and unique beauty.

One of the oldest and largest in Lebanon, this abandoned silk factory is just two minutes away from the main road and can be reached by car easily.

Silk trade and production date back to ancient times in Lebanon. Its production saw a golden age during 1810-1912, and became a pillar of the Lebanese economy, accounting for more than 60% of all exports from 1872-1910.

However, the silk related agriculture was notably developed and its industry established by Emir Fakhreddine II Ma’an (1572-1635), to ensure economic autonomy to the emirate of Mount-Lebanon,

Bsous former silk factory turned Museum – Lebanon Traveler

Unfortunately, the Silk Office that was set up in the early 19th century to manage the silk industry closed permanently in 1982 as the industry went dwindling by 1945 and vanished.

If you’ve never gotten around to visit this historically rich spot in Kfarmatta, you’re missing out.

This beautiful area will take you back in time and surely amaze you with its beautiful scenery.

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