ABC Achrafieh Is Shutting Down Until Further Notice

ABC Achrafieh Forced To Temporarily Close Because Of The Lebanese Fuel Crisis

ABC announced on its Facebook page that it will close its Achrafieh location due to the lack of fuel.

After the fuel crisis took its toll on each of the health, food, industry, and transportation sectors, it has now laid its effects on the retail sector that heavily relies on fuel to keep going.

The ABC group has been offering leading shopping and lifestyle destinations since 1936 and has not closed down any of its 7 branches since its establishment.

Now, due to the near impossibility of finding fuel, the group found itself forced to close down the Achrafieh branch, one of its biggest branches that needs fuel to provide power to its many shops.

This location employs hundreds of employees who have now found themselves without a job.

ABC said that this is temporary and that the group will be updating people when business returns to usual.

The961 got in touch with several stores in ABC Achrafieh who told us that they have not been informed when they will be able to operate again.

The961 attempted to get in touch with ABC on multiple occasions since the initial announcement for additional information and clarification but received no response.

Last week, City Mall announced that it will be closing down as well.

Update: ABC has indicated they were able to secure the needed fuel to reopen Monday.

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