Check Out The Mischievous Collection Of Aboud Jammal For 2022-2023


The young Lebanese designer Aboud Jammal created beautiful mischievous pieces for his ready-to-wear “Spectrum” collection 2022-2023.

Tapping into the power of fringes, in their ability to create movement, Aboud Jammal has brought an instant fun element into his designs, combining it with popping and soft colors, and maneuvering different designs and details.

His “Spectrum” collection revives the 70s fashion trend, with a wild western touch, yet there is nothing vintage in his designs, where innovation and creativity make their strong and playful statement.

These fringes, which could break the monotony of any outfit, were incorporated smartly and even abundantly in some of his styles, empowering fashionistas with a look of spirited energy.

His use of black and emerald green adds an elegant attitude to the forefront of the collection.

The “Spectrum” collection is also rich in red color, a statement of feminine power and self-confidence.

As a way to compliment the colors used in other pieces, Aboud Jammal also uses the sensual color of purple, along with daring cuts and glamorous power suits.

Eccentric styles of short sets, suits, and skirt sets are also seen in baby blue and its hues, with mixed textures and fringes in lawyers.

The designer also went daring with the use of beige colors, boosting them with playfulness in style and the mix of textures and cuts, and colorful mini-bags meant to add a mischievous look.

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Check Out The Mischievous Collection Of Aboud Jammal For 2022-2023

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