About the961

the961 aims at keeping the Lebanese diaspora connected and up to date with everything that is going on in Lebanon.

With an estimated 20-30 million Lebanese descendants living abroad, there is a huge disconnect between them and Lebanon. Especially when you factor in the language barrier.

We want to keep the Lebanese diaspora feeling close to home, even though they may be half way across the world.

the961 will be home to everything about Lebanese news, guides and engaging content.

We at the961 recognize the diverse Lebanese population in Lebanon and abroad. We believe in the independent Lebanese identity outside of a regional pan-Arab identity.

About the Founder

the961 was launched by Anthony B. Kantara, an online entrepreneur with multiple businesses in the fields of digital marketing, advertising and media.

Among various businesses and projects, Anthony is the CEO of Legal Ranker and the founder of CityAF (coming soon).

When Anthony isn’t writing or starting a new project, he is travelling and exploring new countries. You can follow Anthony’s adventures on Instagram and Snapchat (anthonykantara).

My goal with the961 is to promote Lebanon and the Lebanese identity, independent of any other identities (Arab, Western etc). I want people to be proud of who we are, where we’ve come from, our uniqueness and what we can achieve.

Hopefully to get Lebanese people abroad to come back and promote the tourism of Lebanon by non-Lebanese as well. The idea of the961 is to give people a platform to voice their opinions. And we’re a very opinionated people.

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