You Absolutely Must Watch This Hyperlapse Video of Lebanon

This hyperlapse video of Lebanon is the type of video that makes your heart melt and think of the beauty of Lebanon. The video was made by Jimmy Azouri and Alexandre Choueiry as an homage to Lebanon. And we thank them greatly for the incredible work they’ve done. They were able to show the beauty of all parts of Lebanon; from the coast to the mountains and even through the narrow and crowded streets of Beirut. It starts in Beirut, where we see the clock tower in downtown. We see the church and mosque side-by-side with the church bells ringing and the call to prayer simultaneously. Then we’re taking through the streets and are shown food vendors selling mixed nuts and coffee being poured coffee. Then there’s the food. We see chicken shawarma being cut, falafel being prepared, shawarma sandwiches being served, shish taouk over the coal. We also see a group of older men playing cards and rolling the dice. Of course, there’s more food. Now we’re in a nice Lebanese restaurant being served tabouleh and other Lebanese mezza. Then we get a time-lapse video from Harissa overlooking Jounieh as it gets darker. Then In Faraya, we get to see the snow-capped mountains. The more I watch this video, the more I appreciate the work and effort these guys put into it. Especially in how they edit it and put it together in a sort of storyline.

Believe it or not, the entire hyperlapse video of Lebanon was shot in just three days. I find that hard to believe because the quality of their work is amazing. Especially when you think they had to travel around the country.

Jimmy did apologise for something, though:

The entire film was only shot in three days, so yes, I apologize in advance as there are a lot of stuff about the country that are missing (Tripoli, Saida, Tyre, Zahle, Baalbeck, etc).

Don’t worry, Jimmy. This was absolutely incredible and we look forward to the next video! Just be sure to include the cities you missed!

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