This IG Account Is Exposing Sexual Predators In Lebanon For People To Beware

TDS/Hasan Shaaban

A Lebanese Instagram account is set to expose and document each and every sexual predator and harasser that has ever preyed on victims in Lebanon.

The predators range from all ages; young, middle-aged, old, and the majority are men with the exception of one woman (until now).

TDS/Hasan Shaaban

Some of them are random cyber-harasses who sexually harass, manipulate, and feed off of young girls, regardless of whether they are underage. There’s a word for them: pedophiles.

While others on the list are well-known individuals, professionals in their fields, such as photographers, teachers, nurses, and business owners. They are reportedly abusing their positions to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

You might even recognize some of them, such as Lebanese volleyball player Marwan Habib who has multiple allegations against him – although he says it’s an organized campaign against him.

By exposing these people, the account aims to raise awareness and put an end to this unacceptable behavior and stop perverts in their tracks.

The account Pervs of Lebanon is creating a safe space for victims of harassment to share their stories in hopes to warn others, while also giving them the satisfaction of getting back at their predators.

Sexual harassment is a problem in Lebanon and the region, and NGOs have been working to put an end to it. Among these attempts, a powerful video that has been just released by Remie Akl and ABAAD NGO, and that is going viral with over 3M views in only 48 hours.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or know someone who is, there are local organizations that can help. Reach out to: KAFA: +961 3 018 019, Himaya: +961 3 414 964, ABAAD: +961 81 78 81 78

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