Activist Kinda El-Khatib Was Just Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

Unknown (Twitter) | Lebanese Army Command

After months in detention, 23-year-old political activist Kinda El-Khatib has been sentenced by Lebanon’s Military Tribunal to three years in prison.

She was charged with the alleged offenses of dealing with the enemy, entering the enemy territory of occupied Palestine, and sharing intelligence.

Khatib, who has been vocal against Lebanon’s politicians, including President Aoun and Hezbollah, was taken from her home back in June and detained.

She holds that all she did was to respond to a direct message over Twitter to someone who she later found out was Israeli. She also denies entering Israel, meeting with Israelis, and giving information.

Khatib is also accused of allegedly facilitating the collaboration of Lebanese-American Charbel Hage with Israel. Hage, who appeared on an Israeli channel, was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in absentia. Lebanon has also issued a warrant for his arrest.

Kinda’s arrest came in the wake of a spate of arrests that targeted individuals who criticized the government and/or the president.

She received immense public support from people who believed she was being unjustly accused. Rallies were held demanding her freedom and her name trended on Twitter several times.

It’s worth noting that Lebanese prosecutors did not act the same about Carlos Ghosn visiting the enemy state.

It is also worth noting that those involved in the worst crime ever committed against Lebanon, from within, remain untouched. Attempts of indictments over the Beirut blast are even met with fierce condemnation by the country’s leaders.

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