Lebanese Doctor Summoned By Authorities For Feeding People In Need

@executivemag | Ramy Finge (Facebook)

Lebanese pro-revolution activist and dentist Dr. Ramy Finge, known and loved as an active member of the society in Tripoli, has just been summoned for questioning for feeding the poor.

Concerned about the impoverished people of his city, Finge decided with a small group of friends to take on a personal initiative to provide and distribute home-cooked meals to the hungry and needy people in Al-Nour Square.

Now, he has been summoned for interrogation by the local authorities.

According to his relative, Nadine, the authorities did not go into detail about why he was summoned. But it appears clear that it is related to his activity in Al-Nour Square.

In response to this news, locals are calling for a demonstration this Thursday at 10:30 AM at Al-Tal in Tripoli in front of the police station to stand in solidarity with the independent activist.

Finge, who proudly refers to himself as an independent Lebanese, wrote on his Twitter bio: “The October 17 Revolution will not be sectarian and will triumph for Lebanon the independent, a nation that will bury financial and political corruption.”

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