Activists Trying To Block Hate Preacher From Coming To Lebanon

A group of Lebanese activists is trying to ban the visit of an Islamic preacher in Lebanon because of his radical views. Zakir Naik, an Indian Muslim televangelist, is infamous for preaching extremism. Although he has many followers, several countries have banned his preaching including India, Bangladesh, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The Lebanese activists believe that his twisted views will harm the multicultural and religiously diverse nature of Lebanon. Also, they think that his visit might encourage hate and attacks towards Christians and moderate Muslims. His views are in violation of Lebanese laws regarding sectarian incitement! Despite his fundamentalist views, Naik has many followers and supporters. He is the founder of

Peace TV

that has 100 million viewers. Through this channel, he propagates Salafism. Khalid Merheb, a Lebanese lawyer,

told TheNewArab

that “Naik’s visit is dangerous on many levels.” He adds that “it encourages extremism, creates tension between different religious communities in Lebanon and may inspire jihadis.”

Zakir Naik and the law

He is wanted by the Indian authorities since he is suspected of being involved in the 2016 Dhaka terror attack and of money laundering. The Indian press reported that the Indian authorities are working on revoking his passport. They also requested from the Interpol to issue a Red Notice to arrest Naik. However, the Mumbai Passport Office did not expect Saudi Arabia to grant him a citizenship. The office moved to revoke his passport and a special court issued a non-bailable warrant against him. In addition to that, he is a Malaysian citizen ever since he was granted the status of a Permanent Resident (PR) status five years ago. Hassan Katarji, the President of the Islamic Union Association in Lebanon, has announced Naik’s visit via a post on Facebook. Although Naik denies having extremist views, here are some of his beliefs that prove the opposite: – Singing and dancing should be illegal. – Thieves should be punished by chopping their hands. – If a man wants to beat his wife, he should do it “gently”. – Homosexuals are mentally ill and they should be sentenced to death. – Anti-social elements should be dealt with by practicing terrorism, and “in this context, every Muslim should be a terrorist”. – Those who leave Islam and tell others should be killed – Churches and non-Islamic places of worship should not be built

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