12 Activities In Lebanon If You Hate Sweating But Still Want To Go On An Adventure

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If you’re up for some adventure but want to avoid getting hot and uncomfortably sweaty, here are some alternative outdoor activities you can do in Lebanon while staying cool.

#1 Family day by the lake

There’s nothing like laying back sit under the shade of trees, listening to the leaves rustle, having a picnic in nature, and hearing kids laughing while they chase ducks around the pond or lake.

Check these stunning lakes to have an amazing picnic in Lebanon.

#2 Explore a Lebanese mountain town

Lebanon’s 7000+ years of existence makes it a land abundant with interesting towns to visit and explore. Head to any of our mountain old towns on a trip of discovery. Walk around, interact with the locals, inquire about the town’s history, savor their cuisine, and create new memories.

#3 Take an adventurous trip in one of Lebanon’s nature reserves

Lebanon doesn’t lack natural beauty and interesting reserves for a day of refreshing adventure. You can spend a day with your friends, camera in hand, walking leisurely in one of Lebanon’s nature reserves, and discover its beauty and furry inhabitants.

Head to the Chouf Biosphere, Horsh Ehden, Tannourine Cedar Forest, Bentael, Yammouneh, or Karm Chbat, and enjoy the adventure.

#4 Explore life under the sea

Dive in and through the mysteries that Lebanon’s sea keeps for its explorers. There are many scuba diving services and schools in the country. You can also go snorkeling if diving feels too adventurous for you.

#5 Paragliding over Jounieh Bay

Paragliding over Lebanon is an adventure experience like no other. The only sweat you could get is from the thrill of it!

#6 Stargazing for shooting stars

Stargazing for shooting stars is an outdoor fascinating adventure that can get you into the world of stars and dreams of other universes.

Check these great spots in Lebanon for stargazing.

#7 Sailing with friends

Venture through the sea of Lebanon at sunset or in the evening when the sea breeze rises. You can rent a boat with friends to have your own private sea trip.

Check here for some boat service spots in Lebanon.

#8 Take a helicopter ride with the Lebanese Army

The Lebanese Army launched helicopter tours and people are loving them. Children and adults are taking to the sky over Lebanon and seeing the country from a brand new perspective.

#9 Go on an adventure inside the Jeita Grotto

This wondrous grotto in Lebanon is an endless fascination that keeps you coming back. It is well equipped for visitors and tourists so your only effort to make is to walk its path and admire its natural beauty.

#10 Take a weekend road trip of exploration through Akkar

While little is spoken of that beautiful region of Lebanon, Akkar has much to offer of natural beauty and friendly hospitality. If you live in Lebanon and haven’t visited Akkar yet, it’s about time you do so.

#11 Discover Lebanon’s nature by night

Camping in Lebanon is an adventure in itself as you get to discover the serene joy of sleeping outdoors in the fresh air, waking up to the sound of nature, and spending time connecting with nature.

Because of Lebanon’s small size, there is no much effort involved in seeking a good camping spot. Here are some to add to your bucket list!

#12 Hit the old souks in a day of discovery

There is a particular thrill in venturing into the old souks of Lebanon, with all the medley of products, colors, scents, and sounds, and even food they offer. From Tripoli to Tyre and Sidon, passing by Byblos, these old souks differ from each other and are all worth exploring.


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12 Activities In Lebanon If You Hate Sweating But Still Want To Go On An Adventure

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