8 Things You Can Do This Winter In Lebanon

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Winter’s cool tones and fuzzy light portray a different aspect of the natural and local beauty Lebanon has to offer.

Whether you enjoy running wild in the open or prefer spending your time in a warm, enclosed space, these activities are sure to satisfy both the adventurous and artistic sides within.

Head To The Many Ski Resorts

Hit the slopes of one of the many ski resorts in Lebanon. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Immerse Yourself in Snow

Like nature’s many wonders, the freshly baked snow on Lebanon’s mountains offers hundreds of miles of snow-filled landscape and a range of thrilling activities.

Enjoy the feeling of the wind against you while riding the snow-like waves by renting a Skidoo, discovering trails snowshoeing, or ziplining through nature.

Enjoy Delicious Baked Goods and Coffee

Warm coffee and freshly baked pastries bursting with flavor, serve as a perfect addition to any rainy day. Lebanon’s variety of bakeries and coffee shops each offer a unique aesthetic worthy of discovery.

You’ll find the relaxing ambiance perfect for a friendly rendezvous, a romantic date, or even a refreshing scene to work in.

Escape to a Warm Staycation

Rather than hopping on a plane for a getaway, renting a space surrounded by nature to spend the weekend in could be the perfect escape from the bustling city.

Picture roasting snacks near the fireplace by night and exploring the mesmerizing white outdoor canvas by day-beside your loved ones. Sounds like a sweet adventure, doesn’t it?

Delight in a Night of Wine and Cheese Tasting

When planning a night out, you can never go wrong with indulging in mesmerizing flavors alongside a glass of Lebanon’s premium wine.

Enjoy the finest cheese delicacies and charcuterie side by side with your closest friends or loved ones- for a night certainly not to be forgotten.

Explore Lebanon’s Rich History

Lebanon’s rich beauty goes beyond its beautiful natural characteristics. It is also home to creative, talented minds and a rich historical heritage.

Dive deep into Lebanon’s historical and cultural fascinating remains by visiting one of the many museums and historical locations situated across the country.

Expand Your Artistic Horizon

Expose yourself to art’s boundless realm by visiting dedicated art galleries, around the country, that strive to showcase unique talents and visions from around the world.

Attend an exhibition’s opening event for a fully immersive night filled with simulation and socializing.

Watch a Live Band

Discover Lebanon’s hidden gems and talented artists performing across venues and bars. No matter your music preference, you’ll find your match in the music scene’s diverse talents!

Take your music jamming session outdoors with your favorite company, and let the rhythm steer the night.

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