Adel Karam Will Host His Netflix Comedy Show Next Month!

Last month, Adel Karam announced that he would host the first Middle Eastern production of Netflix! It will be a stand-up comedy show that will put the Lebanese comedy on the international map.

The show is called AK47. The title has a double meaning: first, it refers to the war weapon. Second, A and K are the initials of Adel Karam.

In an interview with MTV Lebanon, the Lebanese comedian said that the show is called AK47 because he wants to humorously “shoot” the topics that he will discuss.

Adel Karam will tackle some social issues of Lebanon and the Middle East. He will speak in Lebanese. The show will be translated into English after filming it.

AK47 to take place next month!

The stand-up comedy will take place on December 9 and 10 at Casino du Liban at 8:30 PM! Get your tickets here!