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Align your brand with captivating content shared among one of Lebanon’s most engaged online audience!

The961 is the fastest growing and leading independent media outlet catered to Lebanese. We produce engaging content that the Lebanese audience loves to consume. Millions of people engage with our content each month.

What started as a mere blog promoting Lebanon back in summer 2016, has now grown to a leading Lebanese independent media outlet covering over 70 topics between The961 and The961 News.

The961 is an independent and nonprofit media outlet aimed at providing reliable news, digitizing Lebanese culture and heritage, as well as showing the best of what Lebanon has to offer.

It was a pleasure working with The961 team; Your professionalism is truly impressive. From gathering insights to accurately reporting information, the workflow was smooth. The cherry on top was your follow up to ensure all questions on social media are well tackled.

Proud of Lebanese talents like you!

Thank you on behalf of OMT.

Lucienne El Hachem, Corporate Relations Director at OMT Lebanon | Sponsored Article
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