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About Us

The961 is the fastest growing and one of the leading online English publishers in Lebanon. We produce engaging content that the Lebanese audience want to consume.

We focus on portraying Lebanon in a positive manner. Our content reflects our goal – which in turn lifts our audience’s mood. When the audience is in a better mood, they are more receptive to your message as an advertiser.

Why Advertise Online?

  • Online advertising is low cost and has a wider-reaching than any other media.
  • Information is available online 24-7.
  • The Internet has become the first source of information. An online presence helps raise awareness of your brand and allows you to reach your targeted demographic.
    • Number of impressions – The more impressions you show, the more visitors will remember your business.
    • Clickthroughs – It shows the immediate need or interest in your product.
    • Branding – This is how well your customer will remember your name when it is time for them to choose services you will offer.
  • More than with any other media, results can be easily measured, and adjusting the advertising campaign is easy and fast.

Why Advertise with The961?

  • Wide Reach
    • The961 has become the fastest-growing media site in Lebanon and among the leading English sites.
    • The961’s reach extends beyond the borders of Lebanon with a presence among the Lebanese diaspora – particularly the Lebanese communities in Canada, USA, Australia and France.
    • Advertising on The961 will allow you to maximize your online exposure and gain access to our growing audience.
  • Value For Money
    • Different channels of organized information allow targeted delivery of your marketing message.
    • Word of mouth travels fast online, especially in Lebanon.
    • The961’s online presence, content creation and content matching services, provide numerous opportunities to get people talking about your product/service.
  • Quality
    • The961’s takes pride in the quality of work it produces internally as well as for clients.
    • We don’t undermine the quality of our work and you can expect 100% original content for your brand.
  • Flexibility – We pride ourselves on being easy to work with.
    • The961 can customize the ad packages to meet your specific marketing goals and budget.
    • We believe time is an expensive commodity. So we don’t waste it. We’re quite efficient with our process.
  • Tactical Marketing
    • In fact, our own internal marketing team take care of your campaign.

Our Audience

The majority of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 34. The majority are male but it’s a close 50-50.

Our Products

We are offering brands and advertisers the opportunity to advertise through the961 and place themselves in front of the Lebanese audience, inside Lebanon and abroad.


We execute original and powerful storytelling to align your brand with an emotion, showcase your brand’s personality and effectively extend the reach of your marketing efforts. We do this through sponsored and branded articles.


We bring your brand to life with high-quality, custom video content that inspires and engages key audiences and promotes social sharing for maximum exposure and brand recognition.


We work with brands to develop custom giveaways or promotions. Reward and excite your loyal social followers while attracting new audiences and effectively shaping consumer preferences.


Our custom articles, videos and promotions come with a guaranteed reach of at least 50,000 based on your target audience(s). Need a higher reach? We can arrange for that.


Place your ads directly in front of the audience. Our high impact ad units are immersed in engaging editorial content across every device.

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