10 Aesthetically-Pleasing Cozy Cafes In Beirut To Relax At With Your Friends

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There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee and fresh pastry to help you recharge in this cold drowning weather.

Cafes are great places to hang out with your friends when you want to get a change of atmosphere or when you want to go solo for a calming study session.

Here are some cozy cafes in Beirut you can head to for a coffee and an aesthetically pleasing scene:

The Slow- Mar Mikhael

Located in the heart of Beirut, The Slow is a minimalistic coffee shop that offers you a flexible calming workspace, a great variety of food, and an amazing cup of coffee.

And if you feel like shopping, they have a selection of locally designed clothes that you can purchase.

For more info, contact 76 858 470.

The Backburner-Saifi Village

The BlackBurner is a small cozy brew bar, located in Saifi, that offers you a quiet place to chill and enjoy their yummy goods.

For more info, contact 01 989 343.

Kalei Coffee Co- Mar Mekhael/Ras Beirut

A welcoming coffee shop, Kalei Coffee Co is known for serving sustainably sourced prime coffee and a mesmerizing outdoor setting heavily surrounded by beautiful trees.

For more info, contact 03 780 342.


Book lovers this is for you. Curl is a coffee shop and bookstore that offers you a quiet place to read your book or even purchase one while enjoying your beverage and pastry of choice.

They also include a “take a book, leave a book” station to exchange a book with fellow readers!

For more info, contact 81 021 653.

Beyt-Mar Mkhael

Want to get out of the house and still feel like you are at home? Beyt is the way to go!

They offer both an indoor cozy space and the greenest outdoor sanctuary for you to enjoy their variety of drinks.

For more info, contact 76 761 390.


An aesthetically pleasing coffee shop, Sip offers you a welcoming atmosphere, a friendly staff, and a mean cup of coffee.

For more info, contact 01 567 569.

Cafe Younes

Cafe Younes grants people the opportunity to enjoy their coffee no matter where they are in Lebanon.

They have 9 locations throughout Lebanon for everyone to enjoy their quality artisanal coffee.

Locations: Hamra-AUBMC-ACC-Sodeco-Ashrafieh-Badaro-Aley-BDD-Batroun.

For more info, contact 01 741 654.


Stunning decor with mouthwatering cakes and coffee, Neighbourhood is a cozy cafe that lets you enjoy a slow day cherishing Beirut.

For more info, contact 01 446 184.

Bن Coffee Bar-Badaro

Walking into this coffee shop, you are immediately hit with that captivating smell of coffee.

Located in both Badaro and Gemmayze, Bn Coffee Bar is the most suitable cafe for a comfy study session.

For more info, contact 03 847 262.

Cantina Beirut-Ashrafieh

A nostalgic cafe/wine bar, Cantina Beirut offers a soothing atmosphere along with delicious home-baked goods and great coffee.

For more info, contact 01 324 714.