13 Affordable Beaches In Lebanon To Enjoy The Sun If You’re On A Budget

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Ah, summer… Salty summer breeze, warm sun-kissed skin, the sound of the waves crashing. Everyone deserves a much-needed break every now and then. But you don’t need to hop on the next plane out of reality and you certainly shouldn’t have to break the bank to have a good time.

Here are affordable beaches in Lebanon you can enjoy for 50,000 LBP or less.

#1 Azul (Salacia Beach)

Azul Lounge located at Salacia Beach in Anfeh is a hidden gem by all means where you can spend a full day for 40,000 LBP.

#2 White Beach

Visiting this marvelous and relaxing pebble beach in Batroun will cost you 25,000 LBP on weekends and less on weekdays.

#3 Sealena Beach

The entrance to Sealena Beach in Chekka El-Heri is 25,000 LBP on weekdays. The price hikes up to the still affordable price of 30,000 LBP on weekends.

#4 San Stephano

Access to the beach from the San Stephano Resort in Batroun costs less than 50,000 LBP throughout the week.

#5 Rabbits Island

For a sweet escape, you can visit Rabbits Island also known as Palms Island Nature Reserve, the largest island off the coast of El-Mina, Tripoli.

Visiting the island used to be free, but now there is a small fee to help keep maintain it. In addition, you will have to pay for the boat ride to get there.

#6 Nowhere Beach

Access to this dreamlike escape on a sandy beach in Chekka El-Heri is only 45,000 LBP on weekdays! Although, note that the price goes up to 65,000 LBP on holidays and on the weekends.

#7 Jungle Beach

This relaxing, wild, and vibrant beach is located in Amchit. While there is no entrance fee, there is a minimum consumption fee of 50,000 LBP here.

#8 Soult Beach

You can enjoy Soult Beach in Kfarabida from Monday to Thursday for 50,000 LBP. However, note that it gets pricier during the weekends. So if you’re on a budget, aim to go on a mid-week break!

#9 Palmera

With both pools and access to the beach, Palmera Beach Resort in Chekka costs 50,000 LBP to visit from Monday to Saturday. The price hikes an additional 10,000 LBP on Sundays.

#10 Jieh Beach

Jieh Beach is one of Lebanon’s pet-friendly beaches and costs less than 50,000 LBP to enter. Weekdays go for 30,000 LBP and entrance on weekends is 40,000 LBP.

#11 Golden Sands

Golden Sands Beach is exactly as it sounds, golden sands! Located in Jieh, the entrance is 25,000 LBP on weekdays and 30,000 LBP weekends.

#12 Sawary Resort

In Batroun, this family-friendly Sawary Resort, with both pool and beach access, costs 35,000 LBP to enter on the weekdays and 45,000 LBP on weekends.

#13 Aqua Dream

Located in Okaibe, Keserwan, Aqua Dream Beach Resort costs less than 30,000 LBP to enter and is cheaper on weekdays.

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