After DHL, FedEx Suspends Its Shipments To And From Saudi Arabia

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FedEx told 961News that effective October 30th, it has suspended its shipments to and from Saudi Arabia (KSA).

This decision comes as a result of the Lebanon-Gulf crisis, and within the framework of stopping Lebanese imports into Saudi Arabia; a decision the Saudi government announced on October 30th.

In that, FedEx follows a similar decision by DHL to halt all shipments between Lebanon and KSA.

Saudi Arabia had imposed severe measures on Lebanon on October 29th, giving the Lebanese ambassador 48 hours to leave KSA, recalling its envoy from Beirut, suspending all imports from Lebanon, and declaring that they have no interest in relations with Lebanon.

The Lebanon-Gulf Crisis was sparked by the Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi criticizing the role of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Yemeni war where they support the Yemeni government’s forces.

Kordahi described their role as external aggression and stated that the Houthi rebels are defending themselves.

The Lebanon-Gulf Crisis heated further up on Wednesday with a damning voice recording of the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, being leaked to the media and shared across social media platforms.

On Thursday, the Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, finally took a firmer stand to deal with the mounting crisis, calling on Kordahi to give priority to the national interest of Lebanon over populist slogans.

“No Lebanese team can represent the country on its own,” he issued, adding “Mistaken are those who believe that obstruction and raising the political ceiling is the solution.”

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After DHL, FedEx Suspends Its Shipments To And From Saudi Arabia

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