5 Afterhour Clubs In Lebanon For When You Want To Party Until The Sun Comes Up

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Whether you’re into commercial music or techno, there are 5 incredible clubs where you can dance the night away until sunrise.

With fantastic DJ lineups, pulsating beats, and vibrant atmospheres, these venues are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. So grab your friends, put on your dancing shoes, and let the party begin!

B018, Qarantina

BO18 has a longstanding history in Lebanon’s nightlife. Established in 1994 and later rebuilt in 1998, this iconic club has become a cornerstone of the country’s party scene. With an unmatched atmosphere, B018 has solidified its status as a haven for music enthusiasts of numerous genres. You will be able to enjoy the music until the first rays of sunshine appear.

Odin, Mzaar Kfardebian

Don’t forget to bring your jacket for this one! Odin is your go-to for an extraordinary experience that combines breathtaking views, invigorating music, and great vibes.

Although it might get cold at 2,000 meters above sea level, the warm beats and electric atmosphere will keep you dancing all night long.

Clique, Downtown Beirut

If you are looking for more sophisticated nightlife, Clique in Downtown Beirut is the place to go. Nestled in the heart of the city, Clique stands as a beacon of refined entertainment with unique performances. As you step through the doors, you are immediately enveloped in a captivating ambiance. Clique closes its doors in the summer, organizing Lebanon’s biggest electronic concerts at the seaside venue.

Madhouse, Qarantina

Madhouse has raised the bar this year with an impressive lineup of world-renowned DJs, consistently surpassing expectations week after week. As the music drops and the atmosphere electrifies, a captivating display of lights and visuals transforms the space, elevating the experience until the night fades away.

Dublin Room, El Mtein

Finally, this venue is for hardcore techno fans and ravers who like to bounce to the beat until the early hours of the morning. Escape from the city and immerse yourself in an environment where you lose track of time. As the sun goes up, you can go up to the roof to watch the sunrise and take it all in.

After dawn has set and the clubs have closed, we somehow always end up eating at the same places to satisfy the after-party cravings.

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