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In the heart of Lebanon, where tradition intertwines with innovation, 961 Agency emerges as a beacon of digital transformation. Born from a vision to expedite Lebanon’s digitalization amidst an economic crisis, we’ve not only carved our niche but have also become its pioneers.

Our legacy.

Our founder, Anthony Kantara, brings to the table over 12 years of unmatched expertise in growth hacking and digital marketing. But it’s not just his experience that sets us apart; it’s his vision. 

After witnessing a car brand’s billboard campaign along a main highway, Anthony’s drive intensified. Despite passing the billboard multiple times, the poorly maintained highway and obstructing trees made it nearly impossible to discern the brand being advertised. Over 50-60 impressions later, the brand was finally recognizable. This glaring inefficiency in traditional advertising, where money was poured into campaigns with no tangible way to track individual ad performance, sparked a realization. 

In the digital realm, such oversights are avoidable. With precise tracking and analytics, brands can optimize their reach and ensure every dollar spent is worthwhile. Motivated by this revelation, Anthony was determined to transition brands online, ensuring they get the visibility and engagement they truly deserve.

Trusted by big brands.

Our Impact.

  • Unparalleled Reach: Our media platform has successfully engaged 3.6 million readers on our website. But our influence doesn’t stop there. We extend our reach to millions more every month through our diverse distribution channels, making our voice a resonant echo in the digital realm.

  • Video Dominance: Our content strategy has always been ahead of the curve, evident from our monthly video views tallying up to 1.55 million. We don’t just create content; we craft experiences.

  • Social Media Supremacy: In a world where engagement is currency, we’re affluent. Our engagement rate on social media is unparalleled, standing at a staggering 350% more than our closest competitor. We don’t just set benchmarks; we redefine them.

Our Ventures.

  • 961 Offices: In the face of adversity, we saw opportunity. With our marketing prowess, we launched the 961 Offices venture. The result? A whopping $1.25 million in revenue, a testament to our adaptability and strategic acumen.
  • Merch Store Triumph: Our merch store isn’t just a business; it’s a success story. Within months, our strategic marketing propelled revenues into the hundreds of thousands, setting a gold standard in digital marketing.

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