Influencer Marketing

More Than Just Influencer Marketing!

We’ve modernized the timeless art of word-of-mouth, amplifying it on a massive scale for the digital age.

While some label them “influencers” or “content creators” we see them as the digital evolution of age-old brand ambassadors.

Tech-driven, People-powered

Our strategy is rooted in technology but brought to life by people.

Reach your audience using influencer campaigns with minimal involvement and maximum brand safety.

By adding influencers to your marketing arsenal, you can:

  • Connect with your target audience through trusted figures they already follow.
  • Benefit from authentic, high-engagement content.
  • Secure rights to repurpose this content across your platforms.


A fast growing network of both micro and macro influencers.

Each one is carefully chosen—first by cutting-edge algorithms assessing audience demographics and engagement, and then by a discerning human touch ensuring the perfect brand alignment.

961 Creators have signed to 961 Agency offering us exclusive access and benefits we can pass onto your brand.

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