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Embrace the Digital Era with 961: Where Traditional Advertising Meets Its Match.

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, traditional ad spaces no longer hold the sway they once did.

At 961, we champion the transition towards the future of advertising: digital media buying and potent paid social ads.

As Lebanon’s leading English media outlet, we’ve not only delivered billions of ad impressions but have also uniquely positioned ourselves at the intersection of advertisers, media buyers, and as a platform. This trifecta of roles grants us a holistic understanding unmatched in the industry.

With our staggering social media engagement rates as testament, we invite brands to embrace the digital revolution with 961, where every ad impression counts and resonates.

As digital media buyers, we dive deep into tasks like market research, strategic planning, ad placement negotiation, performance tracking, and optimization to ensure your brand gets the spotlight it deserves.

On the paid social ads front, we craft compelling campaigns, target the right demographics, and constantly refine for maximum ROI.

Our expertise extends to Google Ads, where we design targeted campaigns that drive traffic, boost visibility, and achieve measurable results, ensuring a comprehensive digital advertising strategy for your brand.

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