'Always-On' Social Media

‘Always-On’ Social Media​ Strategy & Execution

In today’s dynamic digital world, brands need more than just basic social media; they need a relentless, ‘Always-On’ strategy.

961 Agency moves beyond the old playbook, emphasizing a rich stream and quantity of content that deeply connects, captivates, and builds a passionate community around your brand. Central to our strategy is the Brand Hero.

This Brand Hero epitomizes your ideal audience, seamlessly showcasing your offerings in a manner that’s not just impactful but genuinely resonates with your community. 

The outcome? Casual viewers evolve into dedicated followers, and a ready audience become devoted customers.

This personification of your brand works to befriend your audience and lower your cost of acquisition for customers and talent acquisition.

TLDR; We cast the ideal representation of your target audience that can relate to. We film a lot of content with them to naturally showcase your brand and what it has to offer. Then we share it on your social platforms.

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