Airplane Heading To Beirut Was Forced To Turn Back Due To GPS Jamming, Here’s What We Know

Daniel Nicholson

Recently, Israel has been accused of disrupting navigation systems and civil aviation in the vicinity of Beirut Airport, raising concerns about the safety of air travel.

In a recent incident, passengers aboard a flight bound for Beirut via Istanbul experienced moments of panic as the pilot struggled to navigate Lebanese airspace for landing.

Despite circling for forty minutes, the plane was forced to return to Antalya before eventually landing in Beirut following a period of uncertainty and panic caused by disruptions in Lebanon’s navigation system.

Fadi El Hassan, Director-General of Civil Aviation, clarified to LBCI that the problem was particularly evident with two Turkish Airlines pilots.

Despite a directive from the authority for all airlines to rely on ground-based equipment to circumvent inference, these pilots chose to continue using GPS navigation.

This decision disregarded the heightened disturbance in the region, which has intensified due to conflicts like the Gaza war.

In light of this concern, the European Aviation Safety Agency issued a warning, leading Lebanon to take necessary precautions in response.

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