Aishti Set Up A Food Market To Remain Open During Lockdown

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According to circulating information, the luxury department chain store Aishti by the Sea found a loophole around the lockdown rules so it can stay open.

The luxury brand seller recently opened a “Cool Food” market on its premises, which is allowed to remain open during the newly imposed 2-week lockdown since food markets are exempt from the lockdown.

Online sources are claiming this as a method for Aishti to continue to operate throughout the lockdown; a loophole in the rules in a very ‘Lebanese-style’ yet smart to generate some income during this challenging phase.

“Smart strategy to open the mall during [the] lockdown,” someone commented on social media.

“So that it won’t close down during the lockdown, Aishti Seaside started selling foodstuff. Honestly, no one beat them to it. With every pair of jeans you get a package of pasta for free,” commented Sabban Marwan jokingly.

However, The961 learned that the mall was only very discreetly open, and not to everyone, in a manner by which it is still respecting preventative measures.

While the food market can be open during the lockdown, Aishti is focused on promoting deliveries and online shopping.

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Aishti Set Up A Food Market To Remain Open During Lockdown

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