Nancy Ajram’s New Video Is An Emotional Reminder Of The Reality Of Lebanese Forced to Leave

Nancy Ajram l soulined

There’s just something about Beirut… no matter what happens in Lebanon, good or bad, miraculous or disastrous, there’s always something special about Beirut that drives people to be drawn to it, to love it, and to miss it…

And if you don’t believe it, ask those who were forced to leave.

“Oh, old Beirut lovers, have you found an alternative after Beirut?” This is how the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram turned Nizar Qabbani’s masterpiece into a reality check.

Her new song and music video made thousands of people cry. This song, To Beirut the Female, is from a poem by the late poet Nizar Qobbani entitled To Beirut the Female, With An Apology.

It was composed by Hisham Boulos and distributed by Bassem Rizk. With Nancy Ajram’s voice, Samir Seriani’s directing, and a hardworking team, the result was an emotional reminder of the reality of Lebanese forced to leave their country.

The video tells the story of a young Lebanese, who is having his last dinner with his family before leaving the country. And what makes To Beirut the Female great, beyond its artistic features, is that viewers found it relatable.

Every Lebanese family has gone through this exact experience… members were separated in search of a better future and a life with dignity.

However, Nancy’s music video left us with a hopeful sentence: “For everyone and everything that is forcing us to leave… we will return.”

The singer posted a message for her followers on social media, saying: “I did not mean to make you cry… I also cried a lot. Many have left, every day we say goodbye to each other, we are losing the best days of our lives by being away from each other, but hope remains and our love for our country will grow bigger and bigger…”

You can watch this amazing video down below:

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