A Spring Suddenly Dried Up Overnight In Lebanon

NNA | El Qarar

Al Safa Spring in Akkar, north Lebanon, dried up overnight on Sunday, sparking shock from the residents of the area who depend on it as a water source for drinking and agriculture.

It is important to note that this isn’t the spring located in El Shouf, which has the same name.

The President of the Municipality of Wadi Khaled and the President of the Mukhtar Council of the same area called for the sending of experts to the area to look into why the spring has suddenly dried up.

The area of Wadi Khaled faced serious floods 3 days ago, following heavy rains, and causing numerous accounts of damages.

The people in charge asked for the newly-formed government to step in and sweep the damages that have mostly affected shops and houses in various villages.

Despite being an important agricultural region with significant resources, Akkar is one of the most impoverished areas in Lebanon, receiving little to no support from the officials and the concerned ministries.

According to a study done by Gherbal NGO, the Akkar governorate receives the least money from the Independent Municipality Fund.

In the past 28 years, other governorates across Lebanon have received more than 1,000 billion Lebanese pounds, while Akkar received only 300 billion.

It is to note that Akkar has plains suitable for crops’ cultivation, such as vegetables, olive, cereals, fruits, and also tobacco, in addition to the practiced livestock of poultry, sheep, and goats.

Yet, it remains disregarded and neglected, suffering from poverty and negligence.

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A Spring Suddenly Dried Up Overnight In Lebanon

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