Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the North I (Akkar) District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies. In this election, and with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful blow against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation, here’s your list for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Notes: In the list below, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party and FPM for the Free Patriotic Movement.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Haidar Zahreddine IssaAlawiteAkkar First (FPM)
Asaad Ramez DerghamGreek OrthodoxAkkar First (FPM)
Shakib Naim AbboudGreek OrthodoxAkkar First (FPM)
Jimmy George JabbourMaroniteAkkar First (FPM)
Hatem Khodr SaadeddineSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Karam Ahmad DaherSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Mohamed Yahya YahyaSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Nizar Hashem IbrahimAlawiteAkkar Revolts
Reine Simon SawanMaroniteAkkar Revolts
Abdelrazak Mahmoud KilaniSunni Akkar Revolts
Khaled Hassan DaherSunni Akkar Revolts
Muhammad MusulmaniSunni Akkar Revolts
Jinane Ahmad HamdanAlawite Akkar the Change
Loris Adib RaiiGreek Orthodox Akkar the Change
Wafa Camille GemayelGreek Orthodox Akkar the Change
Edgar Jose Tannous DaherMaronite Akkar the Change
Berri Askar el-AssaadSunni Akkar the Change
Khaled Mahmoud AlloushSunni Akkar the Change
Mohamad Kamel BadraSunni Akkar the Change
Mohsen Ahmad HusseinAlawite Awakening for Akkar
Haitham Elias ChebibGreek Orthodox Awakening for Akkar
Nafez Luftallah WaraqGreek Orthodox Awakening for Akkar
Tanios Khalil KhouryMaronite Awakening for Akkar
Mahmoud Khodr HadaraSunni Awakening for Akkar
Saadallah Mohieldin HamadSunni Awakening for Akkar
Wassim Ghandi MeraabiSunni Awakening for Akkar
Ahmad Ibrahim HadamAlawite Loyalty to Akkar
Elie Asaad SaadGreek Orthodox Loyalty to Akkar
Elie Hamid DibGreek Orthodox Loyalty to Akkar
Joseph Jibrael MikhaelMaronite Loyalty to Akkar
Ali TleisSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Ammar Saadallah RashidSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Haitham Mohamad EzzedineSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Ahmad RustomAlawite National Moderation
Julie HannaGreek Orthodox National Moderation
Sagih AttiehGreek Orthodox National Moderation
Hadi HobeicheMaronite National Moderation
Ibrahim MaasoumiSunniNational Moderation
Mohamad SleimanSunniNational Moderation
Walid BaariniSunniNational Moderation
Fawaz Mohamad MohamadAlawite The List of Akkar (LF)
Wissam Riad MansourGreek Orthodox The List of Akkar (LF)
Ziad Riad RahalGreek Orthodox The List of Akkar (LF)
Michel Antoine KhouryMaronite The List of Akkar (LF)
Khaled Mohamad DaherSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Mohamad Ajaj IbrahimSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Talal Khaled Bey MerhabiSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Michel Gerges TaoumGreek Orthodox Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Nazih Afif IbrahimGreek Orthodox Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ralph George DaherMaronite Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ahmad Mustafa MustafaSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ghaith Khaled MahmoudSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Roula Mohamad MradSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)