20+ Pictures From Akkar That Will Blow Your Mind

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In the northernmost side of Lebanon is the vast Akkar Governorate. The entire region is divided into over 100 municipalities.

On its western side, it is ample with agricultural land. On its eastern side, it has some of Lebanon’s most beautiful forests and mountains.

Akkar’s capital Halba is located just one hour from the northern city Tripoli.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Akkar is divided into six main areas, Al-Sahel, Middle and Higher Drei, Joume, Shaffat, and Qaita.

According to the OCHA also, Akkar is Lebanon’s poorest governorate, but these pictures prove that it has the richest most beautiful lands.

Bqarzla Waterfalls

Akkar is special for its views and natural attractions, one example is the Bqarzla Waterfalls.

Qamouaa Nature Reserve

Qamouaa is rich with nature and is a popular hiking location in Fnaidek. Within it is the mystical El Ezr Forest.

The Ezr Forest

Located in El Qamouaa, the Ezr Forest (Ghabet El 3ezr) looks like it’s straight from a fairytale!

It has trees that are a thousand years old. It is a popular hiking spot located in Fdanidek for its distinct iron oak trees.

Oyoun El Samak

Oyoun meaning “springs” refers to the numerous sources of water found in the region.

It is popular for hiking and picnics, and the perfect road trip destination.

It has many restaurants with views of its springs and lakes.

Having two springs that look like fish eyes can also explain the name of the spot.

Akkar Al Atiqah – Old Akkar

One of the most peaceful spots in Akkar, the old town, has a Phoenician fortress and a network of underground tombs, and a monastery from the Byzantine-era, and more.

In 2016, this village was voted Lebanon’s favorite in a poll made by L’Orient Le Jour in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.

Al Qubayyat

The quiet village of Al Qubbayat is the biggest Christian village in Akkar and is one of Lebanon’s oldest towns. It has over 25 churches, covents, and monasteries. The village holds Qubbayat festivals ever summer.

Road Trip & Adventure Galore

The next time you think of taking a long road trip, head up to Akkar, and discover its untouched glory.

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