Akoura, Lebanon In 15 Amazing Photos

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Akoura is a picturesque village in Jbeil, Mount Lebanon. This region is famous for its beautiful circular ponds, delicious juicy apples, and mesmerizing nature. It’s a popular destination among campers and hikers.

So, if you want to discover Lebanon’s hidden gems, make sure to visit Akoura! It has a lot to offer!

The name “Akoura” is Syriac for “the cold spring.”

These irrigation ponds are Akoura’s signatures! 

Most of the adventurers who want to spend a night in Akoura camp next to the ponds.

Akoura has many water sources, which makes it one of the best swimming destinations in Lebanon.

This village is a must-visit for hikers.

People can hike in Mar Edna forest, from Akoura to Yammouneh, and from Akoura to Afqa. The fresh air and beautiful landscape make all the trips delightful!

While you’re there, make sure to visit the Roueiss grotto.

This cave is one of the largest in Lebanon. It has countless galleries which were dug by water.

Look at how green Akoura is!

Akoura is home to some of the best camping events in Lebanon.

The village is the perfect site for campers since it’s where nature, culture, and fun activities meet!

If you’re an astronomy enthusiast, then make sure to spend a night under the star in Akoura.

Since there’s low light pollution in the village, it makes it easy to see the Milkyway and take awesome shots of the night sky!

Akoura is home to 42 churches

They include Mar Edna, Mar Boutros wa Boulos, Mar Geryes, Mar Saba, and Mar Semaan.

Saydet El Habes is located at the top of a hill. It offers a panoramic view of the village!

Akoura looks magical in winter!

Make sure to add Akoura on your summer bucket list!

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