Major Hospital In Beirut Can No Longer Treat Patients Due To Fuel Shortage

@almakassed | AP

Al Makassed Hospital, one of the major medical institutions in Lebanon since the 1930s, has announced on its social media accounts that it is no longer able to receive and provide treatment to patients.

This is due to the fuel crisis in Lebanon, which has deprived the Lebanese people of their basic needs like electricity. In the case of Al Makassed Hospital, the fuel available to it is just enough for 2 days.

Adding to the shortage of fuel crippling the hospital’s supply of power to function, like all other hospitals in Lebanon currently at risk of imminent collapse. there is the issue of the scarcity of medications, including anesthesia for surgeries.

Al Makassed General Hospital in Beirut is deemed a vital part of Lebanon’s healthcare sector. It has been operating since the 1930s, close to 100 years, and providing education and training in the medical field.

In its announcement, the administration held official and unofficial people accountable for its decision, warning that “the severe shortage in diesel, electricity, and medicine will lead to the death of patients and, at best, harming them.”

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