Maronite Patriarch Said The Next President Must Have A Salvational Vision For Lebanon

Dalati Nohra

Patriarch Beshara Al-Rahi stressed during his sermon on Sunday that the country’s next president must have a “vision” to improve the catastrophic situation in the country.

He said that “the people need a president who would pull Lebanon out of conflicts instead of keeping it in them.”

“In this critical period, it is unacceptable to hear about candidates from here and there without seeing any vision for any candidate,” he commented, adding: “Enough with surprises!”

The Patriarch put forward the priorities the next president should have as main responsibilities, notably reaching a national reconciliation, achieving economic and financial revival, preserving the Lebanese entity, restoring Lebanon’s role in the region and the world, resolving the Palestinian refugee issue, repatriating the displaced Syrians and organizing the return of the Lebanese exiles in Israel.

Al-Rahi has reportedly some names in mind as potential candidates for the presidential elections. He explained that his choices will be based on “the personality and neutral characteristics that he has proposed.”

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