Lebanese Patriarch Al-Rahi: Go Look For Traitors Somewhere Else

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The Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi said on Sunday that “it is time to change the reality that is full of grudges and maliciousness.”

The Patriarch said in his Sunday Mass sermon that “Lebanon does not grow and unites with this approach that deviates from the values ​​of its people and its history.”

Al-Rahi slammed those who perpetrated policies and fabricated cases in reference to the recent acts that have been taken against Archbishop Moussa al-Hajj, confirming that “the unrighteous do not enter the honorable history of Lebanon.”

In the sermon delivered from the summer residence of the Maronite Patriarchate in Diman, Al-Rahi added: “What archbishop Moussa Al-Hajj was subjected to violated the dignity of the Church, and in vain is the authority trying to turn it into a mere legal issue.”

Archbishop Al-Hajj was detained on Monday, July 18th, at the Naqoura post when returning from Israel based on a decision by the military investigative judge Fadi Akiki. The General Directorate issued a statement on July 21st rejecting the claims that the Archbishop was mistreated.

Al-Rahi demanded that all that was confiscated from Archbishop Al-Hajj shall be returned to him.

In his sermon, he addressed those who abuse Lebanon, saying: “Stop saying that aid comes from traitors and go look for traitors elsewhere, for you know where they are and who they are.”

He also urged a new government formation as soon as possible and an election of a new president within the constitutional deadlines.

“Lebanon deserves a new government and a new president,” Al-Rahi concluded.

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