Maronite Patriarch Is Warning That Some Countries Are Trying To Change Lebanon’s Identity

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Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi said the political forces that seek presidential vacancy would be committing “national treason.”

“Is there treason toward the country more than blocking the election of a president? And can a path lead to the country’s division more than a presidential vacancy?” al-Rahi warned in his Sunday Mass sermon.

“Do you realize that heading toward presidential vacuum is happening while some nations are seeking to change Lebanon’s face, role, formula, and identity without resorting to the people nor their authorities?” al-Rahi cautioned, addressing lawmakers.

The Patriarch seems to be referring to the Swiss dialogue conference that was recently postponed.

He went on to say the international conference he had called for is totally different from the meetings by these countries which do not serve Lebanon but rather work to improve their own relations with some of the region’s nations at Lebanon’s expense.

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