Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In The Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf) District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies.

In this coming election, and with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful blow against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation.

Here’s the list of Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf) District for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party and PSP for the Progressive Socialist Party.

Marwan Kamil ImadDruze Capable
Nagham Naji al-HalabiDruze Capable
Ayman Ghazi ZeineddineDruze Capable
Joseph Asaad TomehMaroniteCapable
Imad Mohamad Al FarranSunniCapable
Khaled Ibrahim SaadSunniCapable
Akram Hassan ChehayebDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Nazih Amin MattaGreek OrthodoxPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Joelle Joseph FaddoulMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Ragy El SaadMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Marwan Mohamad HamadehDruze Partnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Teymour Walid JoumblattDruze Partnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Fadi Fares MaaloufGreek CatholicPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Elie Mikhael KordahiMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
George Jamil AdwanMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Habouba Yousef AounMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Bilal Ahmad AbdallahSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Saad El-Din Wassim KhatibSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Atallah Kamil WehbeDruzeSovereignty of a Nation
Nabil Edmon YazbeckMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Walid Jean ChahineMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Hisham Ezzat ZebianDruzeSovereignty of a Nation
Daad Nassif AzziMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
George Edward SilwanMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Joyce Joseph MarounMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Maamoun Ahmad Al Maamoun MalakSunniSovereignty of a Nation
Mohammed Ammar Ibrahim Al-ChamaaSunniSovereignty of a Nation
Talal ArslanDruzeThe Mountain
Tarek Walid KhairallahGreek OrthodoxThe Mountain
Antoine Michel BostaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Cesar Raymond Abi KhalilMaroniteThe Mountain
Wiam WahhabDruzeThe Mountain
Ghassan Amal AttallahGreek Catholic         The Mountain
Antoine Bechara AbboudMaroniteThe Mountain
Farid George Philip BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Naji Nabih Al – BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Ahmed Helmy NajmeddineSunniThe Mountain
Osama Mohamad MaaoushSunniThe Mountain
Mohsen Farhan al-AridiDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Salman Fouad Abd al-KhalekDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Lyon Sorine SioufiGreek OrthodoxThe Mountain Revolts
Tabet George TabetMaroniteThe Mountain Revolts
Akram Ali BreishDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Zeina Shawki MansourDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Abdullah Yousef Abu AbdullahMaronite The Mountain Revolts
Nabil Khalil MchantafMaronite The Mountain Revolts
Alaa Anwar SayeghDruze United for Change (Communists)
Marc Bahjat DaouDruze United for Change (Communists)
Zoya Najib JureidiniGreek OrthodoxUnited for Change (Communists)
Fadi Fayez Abi AlamMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Jad Antoine BejjaniMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Rania Adel GhaithDruzeUnited for Change (Communists)
Shukri Youssef HaddadGreek CatholicUnited for Change (Communists)
Ghada Ghazi Marouni EidMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Najat Khatar AounMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Saoud Karim Abu ShabelMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Halima Ibrahim QaaqourSunni United for Change (Communists)
Imad Wafik SeifeddineSunni United for Change (Communists)
Raed Ziad Abd al-KhalekDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Wassim Afif HaidarDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Imad Maroun HajjMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Jihad Nabil ZebianDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Maadad Hussein Abu AliDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Gabi Elias AzziMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Jamal Antoine MerhejMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Michel Khalil Abu SuleimanMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Mohammed Sami HajjarSunni Your Vote is a Revolution
Samir Hassan AakoumSunni Your Vote is a Revolution