Aley, Lebanon In 10+ Amazing Photos

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Aley is a serene district in Mount Lebanon. It is nicknamed “Summer’s Bride” since summers are cool in this region compared to other places in Lebanon.

Aley is beautiful all year round! Going there in summer is a must if you want to escape the hot weather in urban areas!

It became a prominent region when the railway that links Beirut to Damascus was completed in the 1890s.

The railway provided an easy means of transpiration for Beirutis. Aley became one of the top summer destinations!

Donna Maria Sursock Palace is a beautiful villa located in Sawfar, Aley. Although it is currently abandoned, it is a famous wedding venue. Also, people go there to take amazing shots! Read more.

It’s a wonderland in all seasons!

The vibrant old souk attracts a lot of tourists! You can find anything there!

The long historical boulevard is dotted with restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and antiquities stores. It’s the heart of Aley!

Aley is also where you can find unusual buildings! Look how pretty this house is!

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