Lebanese-Founded Tutoring Platform Is Expanding In The Middle East


The tutoring platform AlGooru has announced the expansion of its work by the acquisition of Jeddah-based ChillLearn to expand its mission across the MENA region and to create new solutions in the field of education.

Founded by Lebanese Khalid Abou Kassem, AlGooru is an online tutoring platform that connects students with on-demand private tutors and allows them to book online or in-person sessions.

Saudi-based AlGooru has had many success stories. Recently, Techstars in Riyadh had invested $600,000 in the platform.

AlGooru is continuing its spread of Ed-Tech, providing students in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region while working with more than 450 private tutors.

It provides hundreds of teaching subjects, including Math, languages (English, Arabic, French, and more), science, music, and even calligraphy.

AlGooru was also featured in many well-known news agencies, including Bloomberg, and CNBC.

The platform’s main mission is to create a community of dedicated teachers and curious students to further increase intellectualism in the region.