Ali Hashem Accused Saudi Arabia Of Allegedly Holding His Children Hostage


The pro-Hezbollah Saudi activist Ali Hashem, who threatened this week the Saudi embassy in Beirut and its employees with an act of terrorism, retorted to the tweet of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Waleed AL-Bukhari, with a series of accusations.

To Al-Bukhari’s tweet accusing him of terrorism, Hashem tweeted back: “The terrorist, Mr. Ambassador, is the one who has been holding my five children hostage since 2018.”

Hashem had fled his country in 2016, taking base in Lebanon four years ago, and has been away from his children ever since, according to Amnesty International.

“The terrorist, Your Excellency, is the one who sentenced Salma Al-Shehab to 34 years in prison and a 34-year travel ban,” Hashem continued, pointing to the case of the Saudi Ph.D. student and mother of two, who was arrested and convicted in 2021 over “critical tweets.”

“The terrorist, Your Excellency, is the one who sentenced children to death for their peaceful demonstrations in Qatif. Indeed, terrorism is the product of Saudi extremism,” he claimed.

Hashem continued his accusing tweets against Saudi Arabia by addressing the Lebanese journalists and politicians demanding his arrest: “I am not the one who paid $11 billion to Israel to launch a war on Lebanon in 2006.”

“Many journalists are trying to contact me to find out the reason for the threat to the Saudi embassies in Lebanon,” he continued in another tweet. “I will answer briefly, I received several threats from the Saudi intelligence to kill my sons in a staged car accident if I did not stop my activity.”

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