All Schools and Universities in Lebanon Will Stay Closed Another Week


Coronavirus has affected greatly the daily lives of the Lebanese. The government has declared a state of emergency on Sunday, and schools and universities will remain close by order of the Minister of education.

Tarek Majzoub, Minister of Education, requested that all public and private schools and universities remain closed until Sunday, March 22nd. Educational institutes are to suspend all classes until then.

A circular was released, stating that the decision aims “to preserve the health and safety of students and administrative and educational bodies.”

Minister of Education Tarek Majzoub

“All directors of public and private educational institutions are requested to continue to suspend classes in all public and private educational institutions until Sunday evening, March 22nd, 2020,” the circular stated.

Schools and universities were ordered to shut down on 27 February as a precautionary measure against the new coronavirus. The week extended to another and now another until March 22nd for obvious reasons. The fight against the coronavirus is still ongoing.

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Most classes have become online classes through Skype, and even WhatsApp and whatever possible way teachers could find to help their students.

This extension has left students and parents in a state of unease. The Minister of Education has not yet given a clear picture of how this year will be compensated for students all over Lebanon.

The circular in turn called schools and universities to complete the preparation of emergency programs and prepare to ensure the educational curriculum is completed this year, by compensating for the lessons lost by the students.

At this stage, the health of the population is a matter of emergency and tops all priorities in the country.

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