Always Arabia Is Donating 1.8 Million Pads To Beirut

Worldwide companies continue to chime in with donations to help the people of Beirut. Millions of dollars worth of medical, nourishment, and other much-needed aid have been donated so far.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), a global American multinational consumer goods corporation, announced this week that it will be contributing $1M dollar in funds and essential products to the people of Beirut.

Always Arabia, which is part of P&G, is participating in the campaign, preparing to send 1.8M hygienic pads to help support the women who got affected by the blast.

Needless to say that sanitary pads are essential products women can’t do without. In similar thoughtful support, Nana Arabia has just contributed over 2 million pads.

These products are a monthly-must that constitutes a budget on family households; households that are now shattered and dissipated in shelters, adding to the loss of their income sources and the financial crisis.

On that note, the babies and toddlers of Beirut haven’t been forgotten. Pampers has also joined the campaign of its parent company P&G, donating 1 million diapers.